The 9. Women Leadership Forum

This year, our partnership with UNIDO allows us to make Women Leadership Forum more international with speakers and participants from  around the world.  Our  common  goal  is  to  facilitate  a platform for networking and professional exchange of know-how. The event gathers roles models, leaders and aspiring professionals from the field of economy, business, finance and science to facilitate better access for women to professional resources and opportunities.

WOMEN.FOR.CHANGE: Passion into action!

Our goal is to empower women by boosting knowledge and awareness of issues important to female  economic growth. This year´s selection of speakers aims to highlight women’s contribution as powerful drivers of change in numerous industries. This year’s forum is designed to show that positive change is possible when passion leads the way.


With this year’s topic we will touch following 8 SDGs:

The WOMEN LEADERSHIP FORUM will be held as a hybrid event - on-site and online - in accordance with the applicable government regulations and COVID-19 UNIDO rules to ensure the health and safety of all speakers and partners. This ensures also a high level of engagement and interaction among stakeholders and participants.


Mind the gap!

Leapfrogging opportunities to close the gender gap.


Women on the rise – the modern leadership

How to evolve from competence to confidence, to deal with the challenges and embrace the potential for future growth.




Fourth Industrial (R)evolution – female evolution: shaping the digital world & AI 

The fourth industrial revolution is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres. Artificial intelligence, big data, etc. are improving women´s participation in economic life and enhancing their empowerment. Digital technologies could help women access new markets, work flexibly and access finance. Women’s superior social skills also represent a competitive advantage in this unprecedented technological breakthrough .


Smart financing: the entrepreneur’s edition

Smart Financing. Investing In and With Women: Challenges and Opportunities


 The new business hyper-reality – how to stay competitive in two worlds.

The last couple of years changed entirely the business ecosystem. Competitiveness is now in the physical, but even stronger in the virtual world. This new hyper reality is the glue between every     interaction and experience. It offers amazing possibilities, while also controlling the way. How can women reinvent themselves and thrive in fintech and greentech industries in this new hyper-reality?


The female game changers

What is a game changer? Being the game changer means breaking stereotypes. Hear from our panelists how their passion led them to where they are today.


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