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Das WOMEN LEADERSHIP FORUM ist eine Initiative des European Brand Institutes und wurde ins Leben gerufen mit dem Ziel, Women Leadership in Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft & Forschung, öffentlichen Institutionen und der Gesellschaft zu fördern, sowie erfolgreiche Frauen und einflussreiche Männer zu vernetzen um die Innovations- und Wirtschaftskraft Österreichs zu stärken.


Women Leadership Forum 2016
Women Leadership Forum 2016
Women Leadership Forum 2016
Women Leadership Forum 2016


WOMEN LEADERSHIP FORUM was initiated by European Brand Institute to promote Women Leadership in the fields of economy, science & research, public institutions, society as well as to connect successful women and powerful men with the purpose of strengthening innovative and economic power in Austria.

Supervisory boards are changing: Mixed leadership as innovation boost with the purpose of strengthening the Austrian innovation power

Different surveys prove that involvement of female know-how in the economy would increase growth by approximately 30 per cent in the sectors where women are underrepresented.


How can we support women to approach terrains, which are dominated by men? The answer is by learning from the best. All of us: women, men, companies. What could help is female-friendly jobs, establishing networks for both child care and career-boosting activities.


Company executives talk about how your company contributes to the mentioned above. The reason for that is the fact that the one who gives wins. The working environment is changing. The one, who wants to be competitive, enables women to show their potential by diverse measures. Such activities include support in terms of private and respectively family life, internal women supporting programs and awareness rising in companies.


In the frame of WOMEN LEADERSHIP FORUM female and male leaders gather to discuss the latest developments and thesis on how to develop women leaders for a global market and best-practice companies share their initiatives in promoting women.

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Take the lead and be part of WOMEN LEADERSHIP FORUM!


Renate Altenhofer

Initiatorin I Initiator

Women Leadership Forum