September 18, 2019 I Novomatic Forum 

European Brand Institute in partnership with UNIDO invited to the 7th WOMEN LEADERSHIP FORUM under the motto "WOMEN.IN.FINANCE - Closing the gender gap and boosting women in finance".


At this year's event, national and international experts and female leaders discussed how and why finance can benefit from a more diverse workforce, how the financial sector will change in the future, if and how women invest differently, why ShEOs and SheFOs are a profit for companies and how top executives use agility management to prepare for the challenges of the future.




Beim 7. WOMEN LEADERSHIP FORUM, das auf Einladung des European Brand Institutes in Kooperation mit der UNIDO und u.a. ÖBB, Novomatic, Hutchison Drei Austria, myWorld Austria, Die Presse, u.v.m. am 18. September 2019 zum Thema FRAU.MACHT.FINANCE stattfindet, stehen Frauen im Finanzwesen im Fokus. 




  • Gender & Finance - Chancen, Herausforderungen und Risiken
  • Mixed leadership : "SheEO & SheFO" Erfolgreiche Unternehmen setzen auf weibliches Know-how in der C-Suite
  • Investorinnen und unternehmerische Finanzierung - investieren Frauen anders?
  • Der Finanzsektor im Wandel - wer dominiert die Zukunft?
  • Agility Management als Antwort auf die Herausforderungen der Zukunft


Nur geladene Gäste!

The 7th WOMEN LEADERSHIP FORUM, initiated by the European Brand Institute in cooperation with UNIDO and partners amongst others, such as ÖBB, Novomatic, Hutchison Drei Austria, myWorld Austria, Die Presse, etc. is taking place on September 18, 2019, on the subject of "Women in finance- closing the gender gap and boosting women in finance".




  • Gender & Finance – opportunities, challenges & risks: Closing the gender gap and boosting women in finance 
  • Mixed leadership: Are you ready for a SheEO or  SheFO?
    Successful companies rely on  female know-how at the C-Suite level 
  • Female investors and entrepreneurial finance - do women invest differently?
  • The financial sector in transition - who dominates the future?
  • Agile Management in response to the challenges of the future


 Invitation only event!



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